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All members of our team started exactly like you right now: by sending us their application. Find out how to start your career in the Real Estate or financial sector and open your Agency with us.

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The agent is responsible for accompanying and favoring agreements of sale or Real Estate lease, dealing with impartially brokering the relations between the parties.

He is a qualified professional, able to listen and support people in  one of the most important moments of their lives, helping them in the search for living spaces suitable for their needs.

That of the Real Estate agent is a path full of satisfactions, which allows you to achieve great personal and economic results.

What are we looking for in you?

  1. Ambition and desire to grow
  2. Positive mindset
  3. Ability to relate and work in groups with other team members
  4. Passion for real estate

What do we offer you?

  1. A serene and welcoming environment
  2. The best working tools
  3. Support and teamwork
  4. Continuing education

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Why join Gaiezza Group?

Our approach is…


We support collaboration and team spirit among all members of the group, to maintain a pleasant environment.


We base our values on honesty and integrity. These are essential qualities for us, to create a climate of mutual trust.


We orient our decisions by combining the analysis of information that gives us a future-oriented look.


We have clear our objectives and we work together day after day to achieve them, valuing commitment and personal initiative.

We want to revolutionize this sector, offering a global reality for a local service. In our work we combine the latest technologies with a deep-rooted knowledge of the territory in which we exercise.

This is why we invest every day in the most precious asset we have: our team.

Vogliamo che tu abbia tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per essere felice di far parte di Gaiezza Real Estate.

We strongly believe that continuous training is the basis of success. This is why we want to support your thirst for knowledge, and allow you to stay up to date on  industry news and accompany you on your path to becoming a qualified professional.

In Gaiezza Real Estate we are a big family. You will have the support of the whole team, to learn from them and with them how to face the new challenges that over time you will find on your way, for a structured growth path.

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