The District of Città Studi: An Urban Revolution

The District of Città Studi: An Urban Revolution

The District of Città Studi: An Urban Revolution

Built between 1915  and 1927, Città Studi includes a large area in  the north-east of the city, extending from Parco Lambro to the border with Segrate.

The idea of creating the Città Studi district came from the architect Luca Beltrami, who proposed to use the area to build houses for middle-class families and universities. The project, led by the municipal administration, envisaged transforming the area from a no man’s land to a community that would grow in step with the times. The main objective was to create a healthy and livable residential neighborhood, equipped with all the necessary amenities to meet the needs of families.     The buildings were designed to ensure adequate natural lighting and effective air circulation, and were made of high-quality materials to ensure good thermal insulation.

In addition to housing for families, the Città Studi district also hosted numerous academic and research institutions, which made it a center of excellence in the scientific field. This led to the emergence of a vibrant community  of students and  researchers, who contributed to the growth of the neighborhood and its reputation as an innovative and dynamic place.

After decades of incredible development, Città Studi is now one  of the most sought after  districts of Milan and owes its name to the presence of numerous universities and scientific research institutes, which make it a very active and lively area and ideal for real estate investments.

In addition, the district has maintained its original character as a high-quality residential area, with numerous architectural and urban  solutions aimed at ensuring the livability of the spaces. The buildings have been largely renovated and modernized, offering a wide choice of housing solutions suitable for every need.

One of the main factors behind the urban revolution in the neighborhood was the investment in real estate and infrastructure, public services and green areas, which made it possible to improve the quality of life of residents. Population growth has necessitated an increase in the number of dwellings, resulting in the construction of modern buildings that provide a very high standard of comfort. Over the years, the houses have been renovated several times, until they become what they are today, with services such as swimming pools, gardens and gyms.

In addition to being a well-served area in terms of shops and services, it also offers a very quiet and relaxed environment. The numerous parks and green areas in the neighborhood contribute to increasing the liveability of the area, making it a particularly suitable place for family life.

Città Studi is based on interdisciplinary development in all those who live in the neighborhood and moreover, the various local administrators have contributed with some proposals for the benefit of the inhabitants such as less noise pollution, more parking dedicated to public bikes and infrastructural improvements; all elements considered fundamental for the quality of life in the urban area.

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Article written by Martina Bonaddio

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