Six cool districts of Milan

Six cool districts of Milan

Six cool districts of Milan

Milan is a metropolis that offers many beautiful places and unexpected surprises. Most of the points of interest of the city are concentrated in the historic center, where you can admire the architecture that mixes with the modernity of the trendy shops and elegant clubs. Nevertheless, there are also several neighborhoods scattered throughout the Milan area that are worth exploring. In this article we will discover six of the most sought after by those who want to enjoy the charm of the city.

Undoubtedly one of the most charming and beautiful neighborhoods is the Quadrilateral District; this area is famous for its high fashion shops and boutiques of the most famous designers in the world. Here you can also find luxury restaurants, exclusive clubs and design studios. The Quadrilateral is the ideal place for those who love shopping and always keep up with fashion. One of the best-known streets is Via Montenapoleone, its fame is so well known that it is popular all over the world as the street of “Italian luxury” and is present in most photos of tourists visiting Milan.

Adjacent to the Quadrilateral there is another famous district: Brera; an unmissable area to visit, especially for those who love art and culture. In Brera there are numerous museums and art galleries, such as the Pinacoteca di Brera, one of the most important museums in Milan and the Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1776. The Brera district is also famous for its typical restaurants and traditional cafés. Walking through this neighborhood takes you back to times when cars did not yet exist and carriages and horses dominated the streets.  

The Navigli district is one of the most characteristic and traditional areas of Milan, thanks to its navigable canals and its numerous pictorial views. Here you can admire the beauty of the ancient bridges, colorful houses and restaurants overlooking the water. This neighborhood is popular with those who love nightlife, thanks to the many bars and clubs that are located in its streets; since 2013 it has become a ZTL area.

Porta Venezia is a district particularly loved by lovers of Art Nouveau architecture. Here you can admire numerous examples of this artistic style, such as Palace Castiglioni and Palace Serbelloni. Porta Venezia is also famous for its green areas, such as the Public Garden dedicated to Indro Montanelli; the park that housed the Milan Zoo from the mid-1800s until its closure in 1992. From Porta Venezia starts the famous Corso Buenos Aires, an avenue full of shops and pleasant for shopping.

Chinatown, the ideal neighborhood for those who love to discover new cultures. This area is characterized by oriental shops, Chinese restaurants and Zen gardens. Chinatown is popular with tourists because it offers an exotic overview of Milan. Its origin dates back to the early 1900s, when the first Chinese from Paris settled in its three main streets: Canonica, Bramante and Paolo Sarpi, the latter becoming a ZTL area since 2014.

The Città Studi district is one of the most popular in Milan and was so named because of the presence of numerous universities and research institutes. Located near the historic center, it is characterized by alively and dynamic atmosphere, thanks to the presence of young students from all over the world. The area was developed in the 20s of the last century and quickly turned into an important center of teaching and research. Over the years, the district has seen the birth of important academic institutions, such as the University of Milan, the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Milan-Bicocca.  In addition to universities, Città Studi is also a famous area for the presence of numerous technological innovation centers and, thanks to this activity, the district has become one of the most important research and development hubs in Europe.

But the Città Studi district is not only a center of teaching and research. It is also a place with a lively and multicultural character, with a great offer of clubs, restaurants, and bars. The presence of students from all over the world has brought a wide variety of international cuisines to the area, making it a great destination for those who want to experience different flavors and cultures.

To conclude this breve excursus, in the Città Studi district is today one of the most popular places in Milan. Thanks to the presence of university centers, innovative premises, exclusive homes, it is a place of great cultural and intellectual interest; but at the same time, it offers a wide range of social and cultural activities, making it an ideal destination to experience the city in a new and stimulating way.

Considering the Milanese real estate market, these six areas are among the best places to live and above all to make real estate investments; over the years they are embellishing, becoming more among, the most sought-after neighborhoods in Milan.

Article written by Mariateresa Confalonieri

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