The new Loreto Square project

The new Loreto Square project

The new Loreto Square project

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Milan in recent decades has increasingly distinguished itself for the redevelopment of entire neighborhoods, making the city increasingly avant-garde and in step with European cities. One of the next projects will concern Loreto Square and some of its adjacent streets. The project was presented by a group of citizens who collected a large amount of funds from different bodies and associations and provides for a sustainable and integrated reconversion, which aims to improve the quality of life of residents, ensure greater safety, promote respect for the environment and support economic development. The urban update plan for Loreto was launched in 2017 and won the “Reinventing Cities” tender in May 2021; The planning aims to improve the quality of life of residents and to redevelop one of the most important places in the city. It is an area of great historical and cultural significance, a symbol of a Milan that looks to the future, but does not forget its past.

Both sides of the square are expected to be converted, with the addition of new green spaces, new lighting, new pedestrian paths and interventions to improve accessibility. In addition, the project involves the construction of a new multi-storey car park, a new bus parking area, a meeting area, as well as a refreshment area. The main objective is to create a place of aggregation, a multidisciplinary space where citizens can share their passion for culture and creativity and meet other people with similar interests.

Loreto Square should be redeveloped and finished by the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics, but at the beginning of January 2023, the construction site has not yet started; The works are slow to start. The city council and experts explain that this delay is mainly due to the issue of traffic and in particular on the management of the road network that will inevitably impact an important road junction in Milan. The Municipality, however, assures that the construction site will soon open; Hopefully. The details of the project can be consulted at this link >

But why is Loreto Square so important for Milan? Let’s find out…

Brief history of Loreto Square

Loreto Squareis one of the main squares of Milan, located in the north-east of the city. It is a historic square and has been the site of some of the city’s most important historical events. The square was built in 1876 and in 1881 was inaugurated by King Umberto I. It was originally called “Piazza della Concordia”, in honor of the signing of the peace of Victor Emmanuel II and Napoleon III in Paris in 1871. Throughout history, the square has been the scene of several important events, including the demonstration in which Benito Mussolini announced Italy’s entry into the war in 1940. Another important date in the history of the square is April 28, 1945, when the allied troops entered Milan and the bodies of four partisans, shot by the Nazis, were exposed on the square, in a gesture of protest in front of the atrocities of the war. Since then, Loreto Square has become a place of commemoration of the Resistance, with a monument to the partisans erected in 1947. Today it is also the starting point for the historic Via Loreto, which connects Loreto Square with San Babila Square. Over the years the square has also been the stage for other important events, including the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982, the 2011 protest following the Italian economic crisis and the visit of Pope Francis in 2017.

20.1.2023 UPDATE: LOC 2026 opened – The first public space of LOC (Loreto Open Community) – Themed meetings – Free admission. Learn more at this link >

Article written by Mariateresa Confalonieri


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