Milan always more GREEN

Milan always more GREEN

Milan always more GREEN

The “meneghina” capital, Leader in Italy among the most sustainable cities, continues to grow looking to the future and advancing with great strides towards sustainability.

Milan is now part of C40, a network of nearly 100 world-leading cities working together and in synergy to tackle the climate crisis and halve CO2 emissions within a decade. At this link more info on the cities C40 >

Milan, thanks to the projects on green mobility and the redevelopment of entire areas, has quickly become a true Italian model of sustainable city and aims to achieve full by 20230 to achieve its green objectives. Many projects are already active and on the website of the Municipality of Milan it is possible to monitor updates.

In particular, the major investments to ensure that this future is increasingly achievable, are the construction of more cycle paths, the redevelopment of old neighborhoods and the increase of services for sharing mobility.

In the real estate sector, “Cohousing” is increasingly taking hold, a topic that we will deal with more in a dedicated article, also because in Italy, Milan is very avant-garde and it is worth deepening its knowledge on this issue.

Specifically for Green as environmental green, the Fili Project, one of the largest in Europe in this area, involves the planting of 800,000 trees in about 41,000 hectares through 24 municipalities, the creation of a 54-kilometerscycle highwaybetween Milan Cadorna station and Malpensa and the construction of a synthetic hanging forest in Milan Cadorna station. We will keep you informed about these projects.

Among the most significant examples of sustainable Milan there is certainly the one concerning the construction, in 2014, of the famous Vertical Forest, a construction by Stefano Boeri.
The building consists of two residential towers that present, in total, 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 perennial floral plants, distributed irregularly on all eight facades. Together with the Porta Nuova Gardens, the Vertical Forest recreates a microclimate, absorbing CO2 and fine dust (produced by urban pollution), recreating oxygen and humidity.

For those wishing to deepen the topic can read our article of 10/04/23 >

Baby Life, on the other hand, is the first nursery, located in the CityLife park, built entirely of wood and sustainable materials with low environmental impact, with three thousand square meters of garden and a natural lighting system, reducing, where possible, the use of artificial sources. The little Milanese can enjoy a really healthy environment and especially from an early age cultivate attention and sensitivity to the environment.

It is important to underline that our every daily action can help improve the climate and liveability in our City; To make all this happen, you can, through small routine moves, begin to have more attention. For example, use less plastic, filling a water bottle perhaps from fountains; in this regard we reveal a “fun fact”: the fountains are also called “vedovelle”, because water comes out without interruption and therefore can look like widows always crying, or “green dragons”, because the cast iron structure is green and the tap is fused in the shape of a dragon (symbol of the Visconti, ancient lords of Milan, and one of the animals that decorate the façade of the Duomo).

The widows in the City Life park are special because they are the only ones with a different “dragon” from which the water comes out. The widows are now so rare, that you have to look for them as if they were the spheres of Dragonball, but the water certainly does not lack in Milan … They are the containers we must pay attention to!

Another move towards the “Green Awareness” is to enjoy a dinner out of the home or cook KM0 food at home and avoid waste. There are also Apps dedicated to food waste, as well as Apps for GAS purchases (Solidarity Purchasing Group); Also on this topic we will dedicate an article.

Attend more markets both local and open-air; every day of the week, Milan is colored with stalls, as well as clothing, even food, often of small producers who cultivate in the vicinity of Miano with particular attention to eco-sustainability; the best known are the market of Via Papiniano and Porta Romana, historic Milanese outdoor markets.

Milan becomes more and more GREEN thanks to everyone’s contribution! Every little gesture sensitive to the theme of the Environment, makes and will make the difference! We, at Gaiezza Real Estate, in our small way are committed to a low consumption of plastic, paper, electricity … and we prefer public transport and eco-sustainable means of transport.

Milan is beautiful, Green is even more so!

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