House-museum to visit in Milan

House-museum to visit in Milan

House-museum to visit in Milan

Pretty often, when it is about touring the City of Milan, it always ends with heading to Duomo or Castello Sforzersco, strolling through “Navigli” and the fashionable street of “Milano da bere“. Few people know the beauty of the “house-museum“, real and true jewels of the architechtural Heritage and milanese (also National) culture, perfectly and meticulously preserved through the time; it is about houses used to be private that then, because of the majestic beauty of the architectures and to the importance of some fine art collections exhibited inside of them, they turned open to public to feed that hunger for beauty tipical of the most curious people. Furthermore some of them are still private properties, as for the example the “Villa Invernizzi” that will know better later.

We strat from Porta Venezia and more precisely in via Giorgio Jan 15, at the house Boschi Di Stefano, conquering fast the heart of all the art lovers,  in particular for the charm of paintings and art works. Inside the house, in fact, are exhibit around 300 art-works, selected and periodically replaced from the archive of 2000 art-works of the couple Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano; Between the famous artists there are the worth known Fontana e Giorgio De Chirico. It is possible to visit the house for free, gently accompanied by a volunteer guide from “FAI”.

In between the metro stations San Babila and Palestro, hidden in a huge private garden, we find Villa Necchi, property of the family Necchi Campiglio. The Villa stands out in the heart of the City with all its majesty. During the visit can be admired the various rooms of the house of this rich family from 30’s, including a swimming pool and a tennis court.

In the main fashion streets, in Montenapoleone area, surrounded through luxury boutiques and charming and elegant bistrot, the property of the two baron brothers Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi in neo-renaissance style, shields collections of fine art and artifacts from fourteenth and fifteenth century.

Still in the “Quadrilatero della moda”, few steps from “La Scala” theater, Poldi Pezzoli is one of the most important and famous “house-museum” of the world; peculiar of this house are the areas able to let people figure in other far eras, illustrated by masterpieces of the paint, sculpture, carpets, but also jewels, arms, porcelaines, glasses, furnitures and other things for more than 5000 pieces of furnitures and goods.

Keeping staying in the City Centre, more precisely in “corso Venezia” at number 32, we find “Villa Invernizzi”; in liberty stylem it faces in spruts the public streets  with all its beauty. If lucky, from Cappuccini street, through hurdles and iron gratings, you can admire the pink flamingoes from Africa and Cile, chosen by Cavalier Romeo Invernizzi (chief of the family dairy company of early 1900s); Nature lover, for love and devotion to his wife, he decided to live in the city but creating an oasis fully dedicated to those marvelous birds that can be admired by the glass wall of his studio. Unfortunatley the Villa is not visitable because private property of the Invernizzi fundation for the moment. It is not a house-museum but is worth seeing, even if only from the outside.

In the end, in this short excursus, I mention, for everybody who wants to discover out the City, it is pleasant to go to Monza, to admire the “Villa Reale of Monza”. Majestic and superbe, it dominates the homonymous parc. Its story started in 1771 with the arrival in Milan of the governor, the archduke Ferdinando d’Asburgo, son of the empress Maria Teresa d’Austria. In 1777, the assignment of its building, in pure style neoclassic was given to the architect Giuseppe Piermarini and was ended in only three years.  After many  Dopo varievicissitude, that I invite to encrease, in 1919 was gifted to Demanio di Stato. Often closed for restorations, today the Villa, with its Real Gardens and the Park managed by the Consorzio Villa Reale and Parco di Monza, are visible.

Now that we conclude, it is worth to dedicate a couple of days to the art of houses-museum; fill the soul with warmth and feast the eyes with an antique beauty. Investing few coins it will be possible to discover fascinating treasures and walk the streets of the story of Milan.

Both though a camera lense or through your own eyes, it is impossible to visit Milan without dedicating few hours in the houses-museum and get crushed by the power and  potenza e dalla magnificence of their story.

Article written byctefania Putignano
Cover pic by Stefania Putignano

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