CAF – Financial Assistance Centres

CAF – Financial Assistance Centres

CAF – Financial Assistance Centres

The CAF (Financial Assistance Centers) or CAAF (Authorized Financial Assistance Centers) are the offices to contact for help with financial issues and are located throughout the national territory.

The RAF (or the staff assigned) instead, are competent in the fiscal and / or financial field and can both work at the CAF, but also on their own, acting in any case on behalf of the CAF, managing the activities of:

– All trade unions of pensioners and employees with 50 thousand members or more, established for at least 10 years;

– All withholding agents with at least 50 thousand employees;

– All workers’ associations established in a patronage with at least 50 thousand members;

– Accountants and labor consultants with VAT number.

Among the main services of the CAF should certainly be mentioned:

– The compilation of the 730 model / RED model / ISEE model / ISEU model;

– The electronic transmission of the completed or pre-filled forms through specific channel;

– In general, the finantial protection of taxpayers.

Being highly controlled and regulated, citizens can safely rely on their services to obtain assistance and information on tax breaks and tax compliance.

The support of the CAFs is essential for all citizens, pensioners, workers and employers, in fact, it is also and above all thanks to them, if the National Work System is carried out correctly.

In particular, the importance of the “CAF Patronato” should be underlined, that is, the CAFs authorized to carry out the functions of practices related to social security or to the indemnities provided by the State, such as unemployment and the assignment of bonuses, as well as the usual tax obligations.

CAF can carry out their services autonomously and/or affiliate with companies to better support customers. Often in the CAF it is also possible to take advantage of legal assistance.

Gaiezza Real Estate, always on the side of the Milanese and for greater protection of its customers, pays particular attention to all tax and bureaucratic obligations, where necessary, aimed at correct real estate sales procedures.

Article written by Stefania Putignano
Photo by Stefania Putignano

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